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Mount Holyoke professors have won Guggenheim awards, NASA grants and Carnegie Fellowships.

They receive millions in funding from national foundations, leading to unique research opportunities for students.

They鈥檙e intense, passionate, innovative, determined and demanding. Explore their accomplishments here, read recent faculty news articles or search the faculty directory.

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Markovits, E. (2021) Political Realism. In W. Galston and T. Palmer (Eds.), Truth and Governance: Religious and Secular Views (pp. 238-266). Brookings Institution Press.

Markovits, E. K. (2020). Review of The Politics of Socratic Humor by John Lombardini. Perspectives on Politics, 18 (1), 236-237..

Markovits, E. (2019) 鈥淭he Sovereign and the Tyrant: Freedom, Oedipus, and Time.鈥 Paper presented at the Social Science Research Council Meeting on Popular Sovereignty, Swarthmore College, October 24-27, 2019.

Has been named Associate Editor of POLIS: The Journal for Ancient Greek and Roman Thought.