Official College Holidays

Fiscal Year 2023鈥2024


Fiscal Year 2024-2025


Floating Holidays

Employees may choose three (3) additional days as paid holidays. These days may be either federal, state, religious or any other day(s) the employee may choose to be approved by the academic chair or department head. Because of varied religious practices of Mount Holyoke College鈥檚 employees, academic chairs and department heads are encouraged to approve employee requests for time off for the observance of the religious holidays or practices.

Some offices or departments may have to remain open on some or all holidays. Staffing on those occasions may be reduced. Any non-union employee required to work on such a holiday will be given another day off with pay in lieu of that holiday, such days subject to the approval of the academic chair or department head. Union employees will be compensated according to the terms of their particular contract.

Student Holidays

Students can view all holidays impacting their schedule by visiting the academic calendar. Note, non-essential personal may be unavailable on College holidays as offices may be closed.